“I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” Frances Meza. im 22 years old and im trying to live my life how its handed to me .I may not meet your expectations but in general im a good person. Judge me If you will.

So what, don't care, will not, the end
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It makes me sad that I want better for my little brother than my parents. only cause they act dumb. They think im fucking nuts cause all they see is what they want. they don’t ever bother to stop and smell the roses they dont bother to ask men whats going on or how i see things cause in this world money is important to them maybe i dont bother telling them for this exact reason.. they don’t let him decide they decide for him so he knows no other way.. it makes me cry. Only cause my dads a great person and has instilled so much into me that why wouldnt he want to listen to me when i decide to open my heart up.. “how far is this gonna take you in life” no question to you is how far has it already taken us and its knowledge.. ignorant and stupid is what they are and i hate to call them that but it makes me cry that people so beautiful can be so stupid only cause they don’t know any better and they have been tricked. and my step mom sees  me as a threat.. what cause im not gonna fed into your bs?? or is it because im quite and mysterious and you dont know what to expect out of me.. i would keep my mouth closed on this one but man.. these are the people that brought me into this world and obviously theyve already “taken me out” but i came back and backfired.. BOOM BITCH!

— FraniDani


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